We are Small and Offer Personal Attention

What we've always been good at is satisfying our clients through quality craftsmanship and personal attention to their projects. We aren't marketing guys, and we don't adhere to the corporate model of doing things, where the ownership and the client are separated by miles of company structure and procedure. With a lot of companies, the owners are very hands-off after the sales process, and any negative feedback from the customer is often not passed along by other employees for fear that they'll get blamed. In the end, with many larger companies, you'll get the best solution that an employee can give you without rocking the boat. Ethos is a small company where you can expect to see one of the owners on your project almost every day. Your feedback won't fall upon deaf ears, and if there's ever an issue, we are always easy to get in contact with and easy to work with.

We Offer Value for Money

We have a strong work ethic and believe that we can meet or exceed the same quality and service offered by larger remodeling companies. However, because of our small size, our overhead and markup is very low as compared to larger companies. Often, when going with a larger better-known company, a significant portion of your project's cost will be to support their large advertisement budget. Also, because we don't bombard Kansas City with advertisements to rely heavily on off-the-street clients, a large portion of our business is based on referrals and reviews. We take our clients' satisfaction very seriously and promptly follow up on all questions and concerns. You won't get that level of service from companies that work almost exclusively off of advertising leads. We want to build your friends' and family's projects too, and we want to be known as a diamond in the rough among those circles. There's no form of advertising better than a referral, because unlike advertisements, you can trust those people to tell you the truth impartially.

We Don't Use High Pressure Sales

Unfortunately, it seems like the only salesmen that seem to make any money in this business are the ones who use high pressure techniques and lies of omission to pigeonhole your project into something you never wanted in order to close the sale quickly and move on. We have talked to several homeowners who complained about their last "project consultation", where the salesman give far too little options and tried to force their own designs on the customer! One story involved a salesman who showed up in the evening with two samples of tile, a collection of Onyx top colors and basically told her that if she didn't buy that day, her project was going to cost over $1,000 more! The contract was for over $10,000, would change surprisingly little in her home, and they expected her to make that decision in a 2 hour period! This may be the reason we aren't filthy rich, but to us, that's just plain unethical.

With Ethos, we're very easygoing and don't expect you to be interested in purchasing anything if it's not exactly the way you want it, according to your selections and budget. We don't offer "Buy today!" discounts, and instead we price each job fairly and according to your selections. Call us anytime to schedule a free consultation and rough estimate that will give you an idea of what you can get for how much. From there, we will be happy to meet with you over the course of the sales process and take you personally to our suppliers if you wish to sample the countless products we can install for you!

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