Goal 1:

Be Open, Honest and Helpful

Anyone can put words on a page about how great their company is, but nine times out of ten it's just marketing hype, and you know it. You won't find pictures of other people's work on our site, will you find meaningless marketing jargon to make us sound like something we're not. We're a couple of guys who love what we do, and we do it well. Here, you'll not only find more information about us, but a large amount of ever-growing resources for your design ideas and projects. If you're DIY-er looking for advice, feel free to browse this website, as we will be posting links and writing blog articles on the construction industry. Feel free to contact us to request advice as well, and we'll post new blog posts as questions are asked

Goal 2:

Achieve Affordability Without Compromising Quality

Yes, you do get what you pay for, but you can also pay too much. We are a small company that offers quality equal to or better than that of the larger companies in the Kansas City area. By keeping overhead costs to a minimum, we are able to charge considerably less than our competition. With Ethos, our customers are paying for a craftsman to consult and install, not a sweeping advertising campaign, warehouse, office, managers, accountants, etc. We keep things small and manageable which allows us, Ben and David Gurwell, to keep costs low, and most importantly, on top of all the goings-on of our company. What does that mean? When you call us, you aren't calling a secretary, or a middleman manager. You're talking to the owners and the guys who will be installing and managing your project.

Goal 3:

Pursue Education, and Be Great Educators

We strive to keep up with the latest codes, materials and techniques that the remodeling industry has to offer. At the same time, we feel that it is our duty to pass that knowledge on to the customer in an unadulterated and unbiased fashion. If we get a great deal on a certain product, we aren't going to push for you to buy it. We tell you pros and cons, without compromise. We feel that the better educated our client base is, the better decisions they can make for themselves. We figure that our clients hire us to help them reach a conclusion, not to make one for them. That's why we emphasize educating yourself about your project before you sign anything. We'll give you walkthroughs on this website of what to expect of the remodeling process. Even if you don't hire us for your project, we hope that we can help you make an informed decision and hire the right kind of contractor that is representative of the best of our industry. It is our sincerest hope, however, that through this website, and our blog, that you will become comfortable with who we are, and work with us because of it.

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