Approximate Cost: $30,000

Time Frame: 2 installers, 5 weeks.

A husband and wife needed to upgrade their bathroom to better accommodate with the wife's physical handicap. The homeowner had some accessibility issues with her last shower, having problems with getting in and out of the last shower, as it had a very high curb on the front of it. The old bathroom had a very large two-person whirlpool tub as well that took up much of the space, and also made accessibility a further issue. In addition, the doorway was too small to allow her use of her walker into the bathroom.

We went to work reversing the layout of the bathroom and the walk-in closet, opting for a smaller closet, and more bathroom space. The new bathroom we installed incorporates a level entry shower where the floor transitions seamlessly to the drain. We also installed a smaller whirlpool tub, as the husband still enjoyed whirlpool tubs, but a 40 gallon tub was much more practical than the previous 100 gallon tub.

This is a good example of a full-scale bathroom remodel that incorporates almost every phase of construction, from major rerouting of plumbing and electrical lines to structural wall work. This is on the higher end price wise of the remodels that we perform, as there was lots of work involved, but the end result becomes a highly functional bathroom that meets all the special needs of the homeowner.