Approximate Cost: $9000

Metal Finish: Brushed Nickel | Tile: Ragno Boardwalk 13×13

This hall bathroom had outdated tile, an old scratched up vanity with cultured marble top and a dated Hollywood lighting system around the vanity. We went to work with the homeowner designing a new updated bathroom keeping a tile wainscot around the room and reusing the existing toiled. We replaced the old cast iron tub with a new, deeper Jetta acrylic soaker that holds heat better and allows for a more comfortable and relaxing bath. The tile is a Ragno porcelain tile with 1/16" spacing. This is a slight upcharge over normal spacing as the cuts have to be more precise, but the end result is a very clean look that impresses. The color selections on the tile and grout are neutral, so they go with any color of paint, but the detail in the tile print keeps neutrality from bleeding over into boring. As for the vanity, this is a Bridgewood vanity with no-clam doors and drawers, and the 2cm granite top finishes off the vanity nicely. The shampoo inset is a custom built insert for this job, and as always, all of our tile systems are waterproofed behind the tile to give a second layer of moisture protection.