Approximate Cost: $12,000

Time Frame: 2 installers 2 weeks.

This project encorporated a complete retile of the existing bathroom. The price was greatly reduced, as the homeowner had performed their own demolition of the old shower, carpet and tile, which allowed us to get to work straight away. We installed a Wedi foamboard shower system, and used 3 varieties of the same series of Daltile SL83. The smaller the surface, the smaller the tile is a typical design concept that really adds some detail without adding a lot of cost on expensive decorative tile. As with most of our showers, we raised the shower head to about 6'6" from the standard 6′ height, and we set the two insets to create a downward flow from the showerhead to the seat in the back corner.

The whirlpool tub got a fixture upgrade, despite the horribly planned original placement that the homeowner did not want to go to the expense of moving. Typically, you're supposed to be able to sit on the edge of the tub and swing your legs over the edge, however the fixture clearly prevents that. As for the access panel to the motor and fixture, we opted to have some custom doors that matched the vanities crafted and painted to match. It ends up accenting the tile nicely.