Work Completed: December 26, 2012
Approximate Cost: $11,000
Hire Again: Yes

Description of Work: Ethos performed two bathroom remodels for me. The guest bathroom remodel was more of a facelift - with new flooring, ceiling, vanity/sink/faucet, lighting fixture, venting the fan properly, and painting. The main bathroom was a major remodel with new drywall, installing bath and floor tile, ceiling, bathtub/shower/vanity/sink/plumbing/plumbing fixtures, tear-out of an old linen closet and installing a new linen cabinet, electrical, painting and installing wainscoting.

Member Comments: This was an outstanding experience from my perspective. The estimate process went smoothly, and David was very upfront about how he/his company does business. The final price came in according to the estimate, and I appreciate that he gave me real estimate numbers, versus lower numbers that would inflate through the course of the project.

David, Ric, Ben and Cole did a great job throughout the project. I felt comfortable with them in my house, whether I was in the house or not. The initial demo of the guest bath began Oct 26, 2012. All the major work for both the guest bath and main bath was completed by Dec 16, 2012. Final touch-ups were completed on Dec 26, 2012.
David was extremely responsive via phone/email during the project (where I was away much of the time). I had several questions along the way and he was always polite in answering them. I also have an attention to detail that can be annoying to others, and again, David, Ric, Ben and Cole were polite/responsive when I asked questions or pointed out minor concerns.

I have a smaller home with a single-car driveway, and Ethos worked around that by hauling away demo trash/debris every night. They set up their workshop in the garage. Also, they cleaned up the worksites every day (except near the end of the project, when I suggested that they didn't need to in order to save time).

There were a couple of days where I didn't see progress, but after a quick phone call to David, he would be able to explain all the "behind the scenes" work that had occurred, and it made sense to me. The guys worked both Saturday and Sunday (Dec 15 and Dec 16) in order for me to be ready for guests on Christmas.

Hindsight being 20/20, I wouldn't schedule a remodel this close to the holidays again. It was stressful having the house in disarray, trying to prepare for Christmas/wrap presents/bake, clean, etc. etc. with remodeling going on. However, David said they would complete the work in 3 weeks, and by working through the last weekend, they did complete the work in that timeframe.

I highly recommend Ethos and will work with them again. They were honest, cared about the work they performed, communicated well, and treated me (and all my questions) with courtesy and respect. Plus they have great senses of humor (a must, in my world).

Also, I think that the project facts speak for themselves - 2 bathroom remodels in 3 weeks on budget. What more could a client ask for?

Shannon Brown

Prairie Village, KS

Work Completed: August 29, 2012
Approximate Cost: $8,700.00
Hire Again: Yes

Description of Work: Master bathroom remodel: New shower stall with Onyx walls and new shower pan (new Denshield behind Onyx walls), new Delta valve & shower head, new glass sliding shower doors, new tile floor for 3'x5′ area in toilet/shower room, repair toilet, repair light/vent, paint toilet/shower area plus small area in master bedroom around vanity/sink area, new sink faucet, new granite countertop.

We had water damage from old shower that included damage to outside of house, and we were happy that Ethos could handle all of that work too. They replaced a large section of the exterior to the house (studs, joists, insulation, etc.) & painted to match the rest of the house. They also added a support wall in the garage underneath the shower.

Member Comments: We had reached a point where our master bathroom couldn't be used-the shower tile was falling apart, the toilet was leaking, we could see water damage to exterior of house was spreading, and the door from the bedroom to small deck wouldn't close. We gave up using our toilet/shower area and were instead sharing the main bathroom with two teenagers. Our job was more about "repair" than the fun of "remodeling."

We contacted Ethos, and we couldn't ask for a better contractor than David Gurwell. He was honest, easygoing and always kept our budget in mind. He offered suggestions to save money (i.e., repairing toilet vs replacing), and we relied on David's opinion of products and businesses to help us make decisions about materials. We wanted to make sure we were using quality products at a price we could afford. David was also very patient with us, as we don't have much in the way of decorating skills (I once repainted a bathroom 3 times before I got to a color I liked). We discussed tile vs Onyx for the shower, and while I like the look of tile, I really liked the idea of Onyx walls with only a couple seams (we have trouble with mold/mildew). Had never heard of Onyx before, so appreciated David going over pros/cons. We were originally going to use Onyx for the sink countertop too, but when I told David I just wasn't sure about it after seeing the displays at Home Depot & Lowe's, he helped us compare our other options. We ended up with a high-grade granite remnant from Top Master (one of David's contacts). We didn't spend much over what the Onyx would have cost, and we're very happy with the look of the granite.

We felt comfortable with David, his son Ben and Ben's assistant being in our home. They were always on time, kept the work area neat and were nice to our dog Ava (she's a noisemaker!). They kept us informed on the status of the project at the end of the day and what to expect next. They were considerate of our crazy schedules and flexible with their hours.

It's wonderful to have our master bathroom back, and now that we have a great contractor, we're ready to tackle a few more projects on the "repair" list. We've already asked David to come back!

Don Finks

Olathe, KS

Work Completed: September 10, 2012
Approximate Cost: $33,000
Hire Again: Yes

Description of Work: General demolition and remodeling of family room and bedroom, as well as Gurwell and his crew did an outstanding job on my home as they were timely and accurate in their work. The job was finished approximately 5% under budget. Perhaps the most important feature of their work was the discovery of a serious construction defect dating back to original construction in 1955. The assessment was made on how to correct the issue and after the repair was made, noises cracks and creaks stopped.

Member Comments: Overall job went very well....I was informed throughout the project of costs, timelines and expectations for completion all along the way. Mr. Gurwell was always willing to listen to ideas and suggestions to make changes to the project.

R.H. Wooldridge

Overland Park, KS

Work Completed: July 1, 2012
Approximate Cost: $14,000
Hire Again: Yes

Description of Work: Remodel of Master Bathroom. Included tear out and enlarge shower, replace all plumbing & fixtures. Remove old carpet, install heated floor throughout (including shower) and ceramic tile floor.

Member Comments: Process was smooth all the way. Cost was more than we expected but we realized we were not well versed on current costs of materials.

Cari Barbo

Overland Park, KS

Work Completed: June 11, 2012
Approximate Cost: $22,350.00
Hire Again: Yes

Description of Work: Complete remodel of main bathroom and master bedroom bathroom (including fixtures, water lines, all tile). Repair of ceilings in master bedroom and family room (water damage/popcorn ceiling). Custom cabinets in kitchen plus installation of new appliances with new gas line. Three bedrooms, family room, sun room and hallways prepped and painted (including oil on all base and crown).

Member Comments: The experience we had with Ethos Kitchen and Bath was super. Everything was clearly explained to us and the project was right on time. My scheduling was a true hurdle to overcome and I was quite pleased at their willingness to meet my needs. I really enjoyed their practice of cleaning at the end of each day. David Gurwell, Ben Gurwell (co-owners of Ethos) and Cole Bernardel were timely,neat, professional and always had a great sense of humor. They were the actual people I contracted with and THEY were the ones doing most of the work. I appreciate that! I am glad I found a local company that will work large jobs but also help me when I have a small, one day type of job. I also liked that Ethos is insured and license

Marilyn Glavin

Kansas City, MO