Approximate Cost: $12,000

Metal Finish: Brushed Nickel | Tile: Arko Porcelain 13×13

This bathroom originally had carpet, which is almost always a poor choice for a wet area. Fortunately moisture damage was minimal, however the old white 4×4 tile shower was subjected to mildew as most older showers are. The homeowner requested an electric heated flooring, which we were happy to provide in the main flooring area, in front of the toilet and in the shower pan itself. This Arko tile is brand new to our supplier, and the both the homeowner and we really liked how detailed and varied the pattern was. In this remodel, we repainted the entire room, repaired the water damaged framing and replaced all flooring and wall tile. We reused the existign whirlpool tub, vanity, vanity top, mirror and toilet. In addition, we added some glass shelving around the vanity for extra storage.